During an in-depth interview, corporate goals and needs are explored. That enables Acta to design a customized training program that fully meets the customer’s expectations.

In consultation with the client this made-to-measure solution will then be finalized, including course practicalities (location/time).


Through behavioral training it is possible to convey concepts that can immediately be put into practice. These training programs aim at:

  • managing your staff more effectively (Management Training)
  • meeting commercial targets more easily (Sales Training)
  • working more efficiently (Training Time Management)
  • communicating more effectively (Communication Training)
  • helping your employees gain a deeper understanding of themselves and others (Training Insights Discovery)


At the end of the training programme Acta organizes a follow-up meeting to discuss the content and elicit feedback. Acta provides a comprehensive evaluation and makes specific recommendations in order to further optimize the investment.