An organization that provides training programs and wants to be accredited by the Flemish Government has to be audited periodically. So the audit firm Management Information contacted the customers of the company to be audited. On the basis of this audit the Certification Commission stated that “the audited organization Acta Management and its activities meet the Q-for ClientScan norm.”

It scores a 100% in overall customer satisfaction and therefore amply meets the required norm of 80%

Quotes from the audit report:

"According to all customers the price/quality ratio is good. According to some of the customers the organization is not the cheapest on the market, but all clients are convinced that the training programs pay off.” (Qfor ClientScan p. 6/8)

"Everyone is satisfied with the Acta Management training and coaching programs. Customers appreciate the hands-on approach. The trainer/coach conveys theoretical concepts in such a way that they become readily applicable for personnel and management. Acta Management speaks the language of its audience. What is trained, sticks in the mind and consequently shows results in the workplace.” (Qfor ClientScan p. 6/8)

"All customers are satisfied with the price/quality ratio. The investment in terms of time and means surely pays off.” (Qfor ClientScan p. 7/8)

"From contacts with customers the auditor can deduce that they are satisfied to very satisfied with the organization and its services.” (Qfor ClientScan p. 5/8)

"All customers are satisfied with the attention Acta Managent pays to the preparation of the coaching and training programs. The organization makes great efforts to clearly map out the specific context of the commissioning organization.” (Qfor ClientScan p. 5/8).

"Everybody is satisfied with the personal competencies of the consultant as a trainer and coach. Customers appreciate his dynamic communication style and the easy-going manner in which he makes contact with the most diverse personality types. He gets to the point quite rapidly and reacts quick-wittedly to remarks and objections.”(Qfor ClientScan p. 6/8)

"The consultant is widely appreciated by the customers. He is to the point and does not avoid difficult questions and problems. He dares raise problems sharply and clearly if necessary. He communicates fluently with all levels of the organization, senior and junior management as well as personnel.

"The business approach prevails, without denying the individual with their possibilities and limitations. The proposed solutions are structural and lead to veritable changes. The suggestions made require management commitment. Starting from the analysis stage, management is closely involved in the thinking process, which ensures smooth execution of the developed solutions.” (Qfor ClientScan p. 7/8)