Every CEO and executive needs some coaching and guidance from time to time, if only to have a sounding board and look at things from a different perspective. How do you bring about the perfect strategic orientation for your company? How can you boost the level of entrepreneurship and responsibility in your team? How do you create an optimum work-family balance? Our coaches can help you with all these things. All our Acta coaches are certified by the Instituut Coaching, J. Clement.

Acta coaches implement the GRROW model. They stimulate the coaches to approach their problem or challenge from different perspectives than the ones they used previously. They create new openings and activate the coachee’s latent potential.



“We also call on Acta’s expertise in terms of coaching. They coach every one of our board members individually. By asking pertinent questions they help us become more effective at dealing with our everyday issues on, for instance, leadership and time management.”


Hannelore Raes & Filip Wallaeys
CEO’s Agristo

Our references

"Maarten’s no-nonsense style appealed to me from the very beginning. The person who ‘sells’ the training program is also the person who gives the training and takes care of the follow-up. Fellow-entrepreneurs were enthusiastic about the courses and because of the fact that we were looking for training opportunities internally, we signed up for a program that was adapted to our needs. The inspirational training tactics and the down-to-earth approach resulted in the use of a common language within our organization and the drive to practise things. Results were bound to come.

Through the specific cases, the handy cards and the compulsory presentations about the things we had put into practice between two training sessions, we did not have the feeling you normally leave a lot of training courses with: interesting on the day of the session, but back to business as usual the following day.

We try to keep up the drive internally and have already planned a number of brush-up sessions in order to keep the flame burning and to acquire the tools that were provided.

Tom Bossuyt
CEO Bossuyt

"For Callens & EmK working together with Acta was not only a challenging but also a very profitable experience, which resulted in a daily focus among our executives. Explosive growth in recent years and the ambition to professionalize as much as possible urged us to look for an intensive management training program. Acta did not only optimize the leadership skills and the motivation of our staff, but we also noticed a more effective communication between departments, which ultimately improved our activities and our professional image substantially. A success story for Callens & EmK. Consequently, we are starting our third program for ten executives in November."

Windy Moerman
Managing Director

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Acta trainers are committed professionals who are happy to provide you with more details on the Acta training courses and their impact on your organisation so please do not hesitate to contact us.