Who is ACTA?

Maarten Azou

Acta Management is an agency specialized in training people’s behavior. ‘Manage behavior’ is the concept behind each training program. Acta Management was started by Maarten Azou, who had gained valuable experience in the areas of sales and management, working as Key Account Manager and Senior Consultant, specialized in the provision of employee training.

Maarten Azou worked for Cetelem Belgium (BNP Paribas group) for eight years, holding positions in the sales department, both internal and external. During the last three years at Cetelem Belgium, he was General Sales Manager and Key Account Manager for Belgium and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

Then he went to Penta Management, where he was active in the commercial department for four years, as Senior Consultant, specialized in designing training programs concerning management, sales and time management.

In 2010 Maarten Azou set up Acta Management and was later joined by Liselotte Vandenberghe and Yves Vannieuwenhuyssen, to form a team of 3 partners. As Managing Partner, Maarten Azou is responsible for the day-to-day running and for the organization of the management programs, the sales programs and the time management programs.

Yves Vannieuwenhuyssen

Yves Vannieuwenhuyssen has a track record in business of more than 24 years. He holds a master’s degree in applied economics from Antwerp University. In 1999 he followed a long-term program at Vlerick Business School. He has many years of commercial experience as well. For the past 14 years he has held senior positions as Commercial Manager and Director at Imtech ICT Belgium. Training and coaching has always played a central role in his professional activities. Yves Vannieuwenhuyssen became a partner at Acta Management in 2013. He works closely together with Acta customers, outlining different training programs (Management, Sales, Personal Productivity, Communication, Insights and Coaching).

Liselotte Vandenberghe

Maarten Azou’s partner at Acta Management Liselotte Vandenberghe is responsible for the internal organization. With a master’s degree in educational sciences from the Faculty of Psychology at Ghent University, she helps design and develop the different training programs. She has lent her knowledge and expertise to the courses ‘people management’, ‘communication’ and ‘time management’.

Benoit Leus

Benoit Leus holds a Master of Laws degree, which he obtained at KU Leuven in 1993. He has a strong track record working for several companies in different sectors, mainly as commercial director and general manager.

His wide experience in managing teams enables him to quickly gain a clear insight into the needs of an organization Training and coaching people has always been a key part of his job. As for Benoit Leus training is the most adequate means to create a positive working atmosphere and achieve successful commercial results.

He is CEO of Althur LTD, external partner of Acta Management, in charge of the management, sales, communication and time management training programmes.

Els Lameire

Els Lameire has acquired extensive professional experience in quite a number of sectors. For the past 9 years she worked as Plant Manager at the Multi Packaging Solutions branch in Bornem. She was responsible for the overall management of the plant, particularly focusing on the dynamics between human potential and productivity.

She had previously worked for Philips as a member of the Operational HR Management team. Her responsibilities included managing negotiation files and implementing change projects.

Between 2015 and 2016, and after finishing her human sciences education, Els completed a long-term programme at Vlerick Business School in order to integrate various disciplines more effectively.

She is manager at Yod@ and external partner at Acta Management, where she is responsible for the Management, Communication, Time Management and Insight training programmes.


Hanne Messelis

Hanne Messelis looks back on a 14-year career with Callens & EMK. During the last 7 years of that period she worked as Executive Assistant for 2 managers.

The ideal working environment for her provides opportunities to act creatively within a well-organized context. Her ambition has always been to effectively combine the various aspects of her job in order to achieve corporate objectives. 

Hanne holds a bachelor’s degree in office management and a bachelor’s degree in tourism and recreation.
She has recently joined the Acta team as Management Assistant. Her tasks include planning and lending administrative management, agenda management and marketing support.