Your ambition has always been to optimize business results

Acta Management can help your organization achieve that goal through Behavioural Training. We are determined to:

  • further develop the leadership skills of your executive staff (Management Programme).
  • increase the return on your sales efforts (Sales Programme).
  • train your staff to work faster, more efficiently and more effectively (Personal Productivity Programme).
  • train your staff to communicate better, both internally and externally (Communication Programme).
  • help your staff gain a deeper understanding of themselves and others (Insights Programme).

These training programmes are intensive, interactive and practically-oriented, based on a proven methodology. They are tailor-made, designed to meet the specific needs of the organization.

Acta also provides open courses, accessible to everyone.

Who is Acta?

Acta Management is an agency specialized in training and coaching people’s behavior.
‘Manage behavior’ is our baseline and the concept behind each session

Acta Certificates