• Develop your focused listening skills
  • Heighten your impact on your environment
  • Discover the most effective questioning techniques
  • Learn how to present arguments and interpret

Your communication with others (both within and outside the company) will be of a more professional nature because this training course teaches you how to communicate in a goal-oriented way. You will also discover your own style of communication and its impact on others. Every phase of the communication process is examined and trained immediately. After this training you will communicate in a simpler but more efficient manner.

What do you learn?

  • Principles of communication

  • Interpersonal relationships

  • Asking questions

  • Active listening

  • Positive programming

  • Creating a positive atmosphere

  • Presentation skills

  • Convincing internally

  • Communicating decisions

  • Being assertive

  • Dealing with criticism

  • Mediating conflicts

  • Resolving conflicts