Management Test

Understanding yourself will help you achieve your goals better. Know which type of manager you are and assign your score below to each statement on a scale of 1 to 5. Click on 'Submit' and your scores are ready to be printed. (Blake & Mouton test).

I involve my team members in the decision-making process and try to implement their ideas.
Nothing is more important than accomplishing a goal or completing a task.
I closely monitor planning to ensure the project is finished on time.
I like helping people develop new skills and adopt new procedures.
The more challenging a task, the more I like it.
I encourage my employees to be creative.
When trying to complete a complex task successfully I make sure each detail is accounted for.
I find it easy to carry out several difficult tasks at the same time.
I enjoy reading about training, leadership and psychology and then putting that knowledge into practice.
When correcting mistakes, I make sure not to jeopardize the mutual relationship.
I plan as efficiently as possible.
I enjoy explaining the difficult aspects and the details of a complex project or task to my employees.
I always try to break down large projects into smaller, manageable tasks.
To me, building a successful team is of utmost importance.
I love analyzing problems.
I respect other people’s boundaries.
I coach and counsel my employees in order to facilitate their development.
I enjoy reading specialist literature and implementing new procedures and techniques at work.
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