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Acta consists of a tight-knit team of trainers who want to share their passion with their customers. They are professionals with many years of experience and an up-to-date expertise in their chosen field. They are committed trainers who know how to inspire, motivate and activate people. Acta only considers its mission a success when a training course instils a permanent change in behaviour.

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Maarten Azou

Before Maarten became inspired by training courses he was a Key Account Manager and Sales Director at BNP Paribas. At Penta he learned the ropes as a Senior Consultant with a speciality in Management, Sales and Time Management Training. As Managing Partner Maarten is responsible for the daily management and for organising and giving the various training courses.
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Nasilevitch Glorieux

Nasilevitch is passionate about communication and empowering the people around him. After a career as a trainer in the automotive sector, he held the position of general manager at Smart Solutions. Here, in the midst of a thriving growth culture, he discovered the significance of clear communication, extensive coaching, and a goal-oriented training culture.
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Benoit Leus

Benoit holds a Master of Laws degree. Over the years he has held numerous positions at several companies; for the last eight years he has worked as a commercial and general manager. He has ample experience in team management, giving him an excellent insight in the needs of an organisation. Training and coaching people has been a substantial part of his responsibilities.
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Charlotte Pétillon

A heart for people and a passion for entrepreneurship have been the guiding principles throughout Charlotte's career. Her experience in Business Development, HR, and People Management within organizations like Delhaize and Rituals laid the foundation for her further training as a certified Coach. She believes in the power of connection and how bringing people together in a learning journey can open up new perspectives.
0474 94 42 84

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Wouter Trybou

Wouter spent 10 years traveling the world as an International Sales Manager in the textile industry and later in the food industry. He worked his way up to become the Commercial Director and a member of the board at Mydibel, where he was responsible for the sales team and Customer Service. With his international experience, Wouter has a deep understanding of how communication and leadership vary across different continents.
0491 96 47 09

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Kevin Vanhoutte

Kevin earned his stripes as a Recruitment and Selection Specialist with Hays and then as a Sales Manager with Norsk Hydro Benelux for 10 years.
He developed a real passion for managing and motivating a wide range of profiles there. As a member of the management team, he achieved results through targeted coaching day after day.
0496 57 97 49

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Frederic Versavel

After 17 years of holding various commercial leadership roles in different sectors and experiencing an overseas adventure in South Africa, Frederic made the decision to return to studying. During this period, he became fascinated and passionate about the art of training and coaching. Driven to elevate individuals and businesses to a higher level, he shares his knowledge and experiences with Acta's clients on a daily basis.
0495 91 87 49

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Hanne Messelis

For 14 years Hanne worked for Callens, including the last seven as an Executive Assistant to the owners. At Acta, her thorough experience and creativity are a valuable asset in her capacity as management assistant. She is in charge of administration and marketing, diary management and all preparations involving the training course.
0491 56 13 46

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Sophie Sagaert

Sophie has extensive experience as a freelance administrative assistant. This makes her the ideal person to support the Acta team in the preparation of training sessions, managing schedules, and handling administrative tasks. Her calm demeanor and attention to detail are significant assets in this role.
0477 34 45 52

Lot website

Liselotte Vandenberghe

Liselotte is an Internal Partner of Acta Management. As a Master of Educational Sciences at the Faculty of Psychology of Ghent University she contributes to the development of the various training courses. Liselotte helps shape the content of the courses in People Management, Communication and Time Management.
0496 18 79 52